Open up your IBMi to Windows and Microsoft Office technologies

Launcher/400 is the solution dedicated to managing the flow of corporate documents from your IBMi. It enables you to define, design and manage complete document workflow processes.

Launcher/400 formats, personalizes and routes IBMi data.

It puts Windows and Microsoft Office functionalities at the service of IBMi programs to manage the end-to-end information processing chain.

With Launcher/400, you can extract, filter, organize, edit, personalize and route documents in real time,

personalize your information and route the documents you create.


Modernize document presentation and distribution channels.

Easy to install, use and customize from familiar formats.

Centralize document processing, multi-channel distribution and archiving.

Reduce costs, repetitive tasks and printing by automating document processing and distribution.

Data security, confidentiality and compliance.

Launcher/400 can activate, automate and control Windows applications remotely. You can keep control of background and interactive processes at all times, and easily schedule data export, document generation, Windows application activation and e-mail transmission.

Launcher/400 sends useful data from the IBMi to users, Windows applications or shared network directories.

Microsoft Office functions are then invoked sequentially to generate documents in standard exchange formats: Word, HTML, PDF, Excel.

Customization and formatting are possible at the finest level, with actions such as modifying the content of an Excel cell, changing a font color or executing a VBA instruction.

In this way, Launcher/400 facilitates the collection, organization, graphic enhancement, distribution and distribution of information, particularly for electronic document management systems, printing devices and business applications.

With Launcher/400 services, you can optimize the value of your IBMi by providing users with access to critical information, and enhance their document workflow functions.

Launcher/400 helps you improve productivity in a wide range of business activities, such as inventory management, invoicing, purchasing, accounting, human resources and shipping.

Main Features

Among the many functions of Launcher/400, here are the most noteworthy :

  • Extract and transfer data from the IBMi to Windows users.
  • Call Launcher/400 functions from programs on the IBMi.
  • Bidirectional document transfer between IFS and Windows shared directories.
  • Generate and display Word, PDF, Excel and HTML documents.
  • Remote launch and control of Windows commands or executables.
  • Use classic and advanced Excel functions: workbook creation, data insertion, reading, changing and calculating values on the fly, naming results…
  • Use of classic and advanced Word and PDF functions: insert watermark, concatenate, merge, superimpose documents, modify properties…
  • Enrich all document types with images, graphics, dashboards, barcodes, backgrounds, etc.
  • Extensive mailing and mass printing functions.
  • Multi-channel routing of outgoing documents.
  • Mail composition and dispatch via SMTP, Outlook, Lotus Notes.
  • Call functions via program interface or command mode.
  • Process planning and archiving of processed documents.