Aura Equipements’ development tools and environments, acclaimed by tens of thousands of users, enable you to fully exploit the resources of your IBMi without needing to be an expert in the field.

These tools are supplied in most of the languages on the market: .NET, Visual Basic, PHP, WinDev, Delphi, and give you the means to develop Internet and client/server applications very quickly under Windows, Linux and IBMi.

The Aura Equipements software range includes :

Middleware providing native access to IBM i – AS/400 data and programs, based on Easycom technology. With its excellent performance and scrupulous respect for IBM i – AS/400 security rules, this technology enables the development of applications on the most widely used platforms on the market, giving you the means to open up your IBM i – AS/400 to new technologies.

Find out more about Aura Equipements’ tools with Easycom.


Aura Equipements’ Document & Report Management solutions, acclaimed by hundreds of companies, are dedicated to managing the flow of corporate information from your IBMi.

They enable you to define, design and manage complete data and document management processes.

Using data extracted and filtered automatically and securely from your IBMi database, you can:

  • Generate rich documents and reports in industry-standard formats that can be easily manipulated by your users.
  • Distribute them to your staff, customers, partners and/or suppliers using your existing e-mail, BPM or printing infrastructure.
  • Manage and control all these processes for a very large volume of information, documents and recipients, with unrivalled performance.

As part of your document management project, Aura Equipements’ solutions will bring you these benefits:

  • Reduce costs, repetitive tasks and printing.
  • Modernize document presentation and optimize distribution channels.
  • Centralize document processing, distribution and archiving.

Discover Aura Equipements’ Document & Report Management solutions with Launcher/400.